Our Goddesses have already traveled far abroad from Slovakia and I will be happy to assist you in choosing the right one for you.
The best way to get oriented in my current offers is to contact me directly with your wishes.
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HERE you can browse my online gallery of already sold statues to get some inspiration and idea about their wonderful diversity.
Each Goddess, just as each woman and feminine archetype is utterly unique.
You may find your perfect one amongst those that I already have in stock, or I can create it for you to order.
Anyway it is going to be an awesome journey of self-exploration, beauty and inspiration.

I look forward to hear from you,





I create these beauties exclusively in my hands, with every little detail carefully handcrafted.
I use natural clay and genuine gemstones of jewellery quality.

These statues of Goddesses reflect more than mythological inspirations and decorative beauty. 
For many people, they are truly healing, living items and guides through their own process of self-exploration.
Many times they accompany women in significant seasons or transitions in their lives,
like pregnancy, childbirth, first menarche, spiritual transformations, menopause..
Or they bring them inspirations for everyday life
and nurture them with those qualities, which help them grow.

 Most of all they inspire us to explore feminity in its many ways 
and to develop deeper relationship with our body. 
Clay is symbolically related to matter, body and feminine.
With this understanding, I create these statues to be not only beautiful, but also pleasant to touch.
They are delicate and still dense, with their fluent shapes, they invite us to be in physical contact with them.
For many women, touching their Goddess is a gateway to explore new attitude towards their own body. 
I did not expect it when I started creating them,
but from experiences of already hundreds of women, it turns out to be true.

Journey with the Goddess is always unique.
It is an adventure that can lead us to unexpected spaces of our heart, mind and body.
All that is important is to trust and to be opened to explore.

I invite you to this journey.